Conformant LRSs

Selvy LRS


Selvy LRS. Best Partner for EdTech Data Business in Collecting, Analyzing, and Visualizing Learning Service Big Data.



Discover the power of KT LRS, your key to enhancing the HyFlex learning experience!

Veracity Learning

Veracity Technology Conultants

The Veracity LRS (Learning Record Store) is a standardized, simple way to collect and analyze performance data. Our LRS is incredibly easy to integrate and use, allowing you to spend time thinking about your content, not your infrastructure.



Dataeum Learning Record Store (LRS)

Learning Data Hub


KT Learning Record Store (LRS)


ADL Initiative

An open source, publicly available LRS for the xAPI community. This system has been updated to conform with the IEEE 9274.1.1 spec -- usually referred to as xAPI 2.0.



MARi's innovative AI-driven LRS enables personalized learning pathways to reduce training time and provides data-driven insights for more strategic decision-making.

Learning Locker by Learning Pool

HT2 Labs

The most widely installed Open Source LRS in the world, Learning Locker is simple to install on your own cloud infrastructure, or you can use our SaaS service. You can be up and running in minutes, for free. Our Enterprise options are designed to help you scale securely to a global audience.


E-co e-learning studio

VOVLO is an LRS designed for large corporates. Developed to use the CMI5 standard on different LMS through the use of its API and for all digital applications that use the xAPI standard. It is a ready-to-use SaaS solution.

Core LRS

Junction-18 Ltd

CoreLRS is Cloud enabled with a range of affordable plans to host your data wherever you need it. It offers support for eLearning protocols without the need of a third party LMS freeing you to choose where to present your learning. Try our free developer account and be running in minutes.

Launch LRS

Launch Learning

Go faster with Launch LRS. Experience exceptional speed and security on your own cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Launch Learning can build your complete environment for free so you can get started within minutes.

Junction-18 Ltd

For organizations who need a comprehensive learner record solution, the CoreLRS is a Learner Record Store that enables you to track and record all learner data from a single solution that supports planet wide scalability.

Watershed LRS

Watershed Systems, Inc.

Watershed enables you to track, measure, and visualize the business impact of learning and training across your ecosystem.