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    We list certified Learning Record Stores that passed our LRS Test Suite of more than 1000 tests. LRSs in this list are fully compliant with the xAPI Specification

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    Vendors of Learning Record Stores, learning activities, and other systems and tools that implement the xAPI list their organizations here.

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    The Experience API (xAPI) is a technical standard that aims to facilitate the documentation and communication of learning experiences.

Conformant LRSs

Conformant LRS products listed on this site have successfully passed the LRS Test Suite and have provided their certificate of conformance. The product listing page contains information about the product and company, as well as the version of xAPI to which the product conforms.

xAPI Adopters

xAPI lies under-the-hood of a variety of learning content, systems, and tools. The adopters page lists organizations using xAPI in their products and services. Each entry contains contact information for the organization and lists any of their conformant LRSs.