The xAPI Adopter Registry is a listing of organizations that use xAPI. Any organization implementing xAPI, building xAPI into their content and tools, or providing xAPI services may sign up as an adopter.

If you’re an adopter and have successfully demonstrated LRS conformance via the LRS Test Suite, you can upload your conformance certificate to the Adopter Registry. Although any organization can self-assert that they are an adopter, only those LRS products that have passed the LRS Test Suite can be officially listed as xAPI-conformant LRSs.

To those organizations listed on the ADL Initiative’s current xAPI Adopter site, you will need to sign up again on the new site to maintain your listing. To sign up as an adopter, create an account on the Adopter Registry today!


What is this Adopters Page?
This is a self-assertion that your product uses xAPI. However, a Learning Record Store (LRS) can pass the Test Suite and be placed in an additional list of xAPI Conformant LRSs. Currently, only LRSs can achieve this next level of Conformance.

But I’ve already registered at the previous version!
You’ll have to re-up your adoption status, product name, and logo. You’ll now have much more control over your product’s information.

I passed the Test Suite, why am I not listed in the Conformant LRSs?
You’ll have to self-register and upload your certificate. There is a human-in-the-loop step here too to make sure no one asserts on your behalf or uses obviously inaccurate information. Registration in the conformant LRS list is not done automatically as there are use cases where organizations may not want to openly advertise their product.

I submitted a cert request on the passing results and got a confirmation screen, but no email. Should I assume the request is under review, or should I request again?
The review is happening. We’ll work on getting confirmation to you in the form of email as soon as possible.

When will I have to wait for verification/ADL responses?
You’ll have to wait for verification for your LRS Conformance Test Account, xAPI Adopter Account (also used to post Conformant products), and when you’d like a certificate corresponding to a passed LRS conformance test.

I’ve done all of these steps, why isn’t my product showing up?
In your profile, as an adopter (person) or as a conformant product, the “public” or “publicly listed” checkboxes must be checked. Note that there are separate boxes for the adopter and each product.

My green label has turned orange, What happened?
The Test Suite will be periodically updated. You are still xAPI 1.0.3-conformant, but there is a more recent version of the Test Suite with some changes to requirements tested. To obtain a green label, you will need to retest using the latest Test Suite. We are trying to make these updates infrequent and will provide guidance on release schedules when available.

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