Conformant LRSs

Fox Training Management System

Britannica Knowledge Systems

Fox is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training, scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations.

OnPoint Digital LRS

OnPoint Digital Inc

OnPoint's Integrated LRS works with our primary SQL-based database to collect, analyze and operationalize real-time informational services for enterprise learning.

Trax LRS

Sébastien Fraysse

Trax LRS is an Open Source LRS designed with modularity and flexibility in mind. Beta test program is starting on the French market. Public release coming soon.

GingerApp LRS

GingerApp Company

GingerApp LRS is used for tracking the Experience data of LMSs, Learning applications, Video, etc. It has the total analyzing function by merging with the other data of business systems. Mainly supply in Japan.


Digital Education Institute

VisCa helps you leverage the latest learning standard xAPI to track diversified and distributed learning experiences.

Veracity LRS (Beta)

Veracity Technology Consultants

The Veracity LRS (Learning Record Store) is a standardized, simple way to collect and analyze performance data. Our LRS is incredibly easy to integrate and use, allowing you to spend time thinking about your content, not your infrastructure.

Learning Locker

HT2 Labs

The most widely installed Open Source LRS in the world, Learning Locker captures and processes xAPI data more reliably, consistently and faster than ever. Use features like persona grouping, statement forwarding and advanced query building to accurately measure and analyze learner performance.

Watershed LRS

Watershed Systems, Inc.

Explore all your learning data in one place and measure how L&D programs are impacting the organization.

Storepoints LRS

Riptide Elements - Riptide Software, Inc.

Track learning activities while collecting, measuring, and distributing learning data and analytics. Now, you can draw direct lines to competencies and adapt your learning to improve effectiveness.


Rustici Software

Every free SCORM Cloud account comes with its own built-in LRS. That means you now have a place to send xAPI statements and you can set up your activity providers with access to your LRS. SCORM Cloud also lets you import and launch xAPI and cmi5 packages as powered by SCORM Engine.

SCORM Engine

Rustici Software

SCORM Engine includes an integratable, locally installed LRS that can receive xAPI statements from LMS launched courses and learning activities that live outside of the LMS. It also enables you to send learning records to your LMS, reporting tools and other LRSs. Bonus? Record SCORM data as xAPI.


YET Analytics Inc.

Collect and analyze activity, learning, behavior and performance. Gain insight into engagement, learning effectiveness, information use and team behaviors.

Virtual Training Assistant


RISC's LRS is embedded in the award-winning VTA Learning Management System and provides both xAPI and cmi5 support to VTA. Our LRS provides a single storage location for all traditional and non-traditional training events within your organization.