Conformant LRSs

xAPI Bridge

JCA Solutions

An xAPI/cmi5 LRS focused on the challenges of centralized data organization and distribution. With a multi-tenant approach, metadata tagging for every entrypoint, and real-time data delivery based on your rules to other platforms, we deal with data struggles so you can work focus on your training.

Veracity Technology Consultants is a SaaS LRS with a rich feature set and an excellent free service tier.

Learning Locker

HT2 Labs

The most widely installed Open Source LRS in the world, Learning Locker is simple to install on your own cloud infrastructure, or our SaaS service. You can be up and running in minutes, for free. Create unlimited, shareable dashboards and bring Learning Analytics to life

Meridian LRS

Meridian Knowledge Solutions

Meridian LRS, included with Meridian LMS, supports tracking and analyzing learning data using Experience API (xAPI).


Boco Digital Media

Delphire is what we call the "non-platform learning platform." This licensed technology requires no huge infrastructure investment and we can have it up and running in weeks. It's the one-stop learning shop for your learners.

Valamis LRS

Valamis Group

Valamis LRS, as a part of the Valamis LXP platform, supports learning technology content standards and specifications the Experience API (xAPI) and Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) in order to collect data from a wide range of online and offline experiences from a person or group.


Rustici Software

Every free SCORM Cloud account comes with its own built-in LRS. That means you now have a place to send xAPI statements and you can set up your activity providers with access to your LRS. SCORM Cloud also lets you import and launch xAPI and cmi5 packages as powered by Rustici Engine.

Rustici LRS

Rustici Software

Add a learning record store to your learning analytics platform or LMS. The Rustici LRS is an integratable LRS designed to receive, store and return xAPI statements. Forward statements to other LRSs, set up multi-tenant databases, refuse statements and trigger events based on statements received.

Rustici Engine

Rustici Software

Rustici Engine includes an integratable, locally installed LRS that can receive xAPI statements from LMS launched courses and learning activities that live outside of the LMS. It also enables you to send learning records to your LMS, reporting tools and other LRSs. Bonus? Record SCORM data as xAPI.

Bracken LRS

The Tarn Group

Bracken is a digital training platform that gives you the ability to deliver faster, smarter learning outcomes. Our LRS has the ability to host different data and ensures all learning data is located in one place and easy to use.

Trax LRS

Sébastien Fraysse

Trax LRS is an Open Source LRS designed with flexibility in mind. It supports multiple database technologies (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) and can be easily extended or customized thanks to its modular architecture (PHP/Laravel). Source code will be delivered at the end of the beta tests.

Saba Cloud

Saba Software

A complete talent management platform to develop and engage your people.

Fox Training Management System

Britannica Knowledge Systems

Fox is an innovative web-based training management system that optimizes the training, scheduling and operational readiness of complex global training organizations.

OnPoint Digital LRS

OnPoint Digital Inc

OnPoint's Integrated LRS works with our primary SQL-based database to collect, analyze and operationalize real-time informational services for enterprise learning.

GingerApp LRS

GingerApp Company

GingerApp LRS is used for tracking the Experience data of LMSs, Learning applications, Video, etc. It has the total analyzing function by merging with the other data of business systems. Mainly supply in Japan.